Five Impressive Guest Room Designs For Your Home

As life starts to resemble a kind of ‘normal’, spending time with family and friends in small, safe groups is certainly something we all need. However, having guests stay over in your family home can also be potentially disruptive to your daily routine. In today’s blog, we’re going to discuss five impressive room designs to make your guests feel like they’re at home while you go about your day to day tasks.

Morning Peace

Not everyone is a morning person. Some prefer to enjoy their first cup of tea in silence, while planning their day. If space allows, ensure that there is a small kettle with some beverage supplies in the guest room for visitors to help themselves. Alternatively, you can prepare a tea tray for them, leaving it at the door for them to collect when they’re ready.

When planning a guest room for such visitors, it is often best to use clean lines, crisp white linens coupled with cool accent shades such as green or blue. Better still if the room has large windows with a scenic view, you can place the bed facing the glass so that your visitors can appreciate their Earl Grey and the view from the comfort of the warm covers.

Separate Entrances

Some hosts prefer to have their guests in close proximity, but not directly with them in their homes. To accommodate such instances, many homeowners erect outside buildings, such as log cabins, on their properties to afford themselves and their guests the privacy they desire.

As these rooms are not attached to the home, they have separate entrances which allow for guests to come and go as they wish, without having to walk through the main house. Design trends for summer houses and the like often include ‘granny chic’ elements coupled with modern elements such as a large flatscreen television. Your guests can snuggle up on a bulky floral couch underneath a warm hand-knitted blanket while enjoying one of their favourite shows.

Natural and Nurturing

Everywhere you look, there is a great deal of focus on environmental preservation. One way you can contribute to the sustainability of the planet is to incorporate durable, natural pieces of furniture into your guest room. Something like a bamboo headboard or teak bedside tables make excellent additions to space. If you prefer a rustic feel to your guest area, pine slats are a definite possibility to consider when planning the floors.

Themed Rooms

If you don’t fancy an eclectic mix of items for your guest room, why not work according to a specific concept? Popular themes that remain timeless yet trendy, include those that are nautical or arty or travel-related in nature. For example, if you are a keen traveller yourself, you may want to frame postcards, trinkets, and photographs from your holidays and hang them on the walls for your guests to enjoy. Such items are often wonderful conversation starters too.

Best of Both

If you’re hosting an Airbnb for guests, it is not a bad idea to have twin beds in your guest room. This allows friends that are travelling together to save money, and sleep comfortably. If you have a couple visiting, simply push the two beds against each other for a double bed. This way your guests are happy and you can advertise your space to both singles and couples alike.

Essential Elements

In closing, it is important to incorporate some essential elements into any kind of guest space. These include mirrors, good lights, books or other entertainment items like cards or board games, and fresh towels.

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