Handy Looks at Beautifying Your Home with Kitchen Remodeling


According to Handy, a carefully planned kitchen remodeling can not only transform your cooking experience but also enhance the decor of your house. There are a lot of options where you can focus your kitchen remodeling efforts including the functionality, aesthetics, practicality of the space, and more.

Tips & Tricks

Here are a few tips kitchen remodeling tips you can follow to beautify your home:

  1. Invest in integrated appliances and open shelving – Integrated appliances can be considered a luxury for many people since they cost more. However, they also elevate the beauty of your kitchen to a new level. Plus, they also enable your kitchen to have a minimalistic and modern look while improving the functionality and ease of access to it.

We recommend you pair integrated appliances with glossy laminate open shelving and handleless cupboards to give your kitchen an ultra-modern look. And, to add some depth to the kitchen space you can invest in black gloss cabinets instead of the usual white color.

  1. Improve quality lighting elements – Lighting is an important element if you want to improve the decor and functionality of your kitchen. Plus, the proper lighting combination also helps to improve your mood when working in your kitchen.

It is a good idea to invest in LED ceiling lights since they would help you to save money in the long term and are also eco-friendly. In fact, you pair different types of lighting fixtures to elevate the beauty of your home in a cost-effective manner.

For instance, you can incorporate shelf-lighting, under cabinet lighting, and overhead lighting during the kitchen remodel. Finally, you can also invest in a statement lighting fixture to improve the appeal of the space.

  1. Focus on the kitchen backsplash – Updating the old backsplash of your kitchen is one of the essential elements of a kitchen remodeling project. The backsplash of your kitchen suffers from abuse due to hot oil splashes, spilled food, and more. Thus, it becomes necessary to change with something new that helps to make your kitchen look more attractive.

You can opt for a single backsplash slab such as marble instead of standard tiles to give it a more luxurious look. However, you can also give it a new coat of paint if you want to save some money.

  1. Replace the flooring – Replacing the flooring of your kitchen can be a costly undertaking but it is worth it if you want to enhance the look of your kitchen. We recommend you invest in standard solid hardwood flooring since they withstand humidity and temperature better.

Some of the common options for hardwood flooring include walnut, oak, maple, hickory, cherry, and ash. These are durable and also look great.


Handy suggests you adjust the color scheme of your kitchen by giving it a fresh coat of paint if it is showing its age. Opting for neutral tones such as coffee brown, taupe, and gray in your cooking space is a safe bet but you can include a few metallic accent pieces to improve the aesthetic appeal of the kitchen space.

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