How fire and water restoration service Dover NJ copes with the consequences of fire

After a fire, black spots remain on the walls and ceiling: soot and fumes, which are difficult to clean. First, you need to assess the degree and type of damage caused and determine whether it is possible to clean the apartment or a house after a fire on your own or whether you should entrust this matter to professionals, for example, fire and water restoration service Dover NJ.

Depending on the amount and type of damage you are dealing with, you need to choose the corresponding tools and cleaning products, whether household or professional.

In order to cope with the consequences of a fire in your house, it’s necessary to have the following:

Special cleaning solutions for soot and burning (which one your choose is up to you, they are sold in many specialized stores);

Large sponge (for example, which is used to wash cars);

Rubber gloves;

Eye protection (for example, special goggles).

Cleaning process:

To prevent the solution from getting into the eyes and on the skin, all work should be carried out only with gloves and goggles.

Cleaning after a fire should be carried out promptly and thoroughly because, after a fire, harmful substances remain in the air that might cause respiratory diseases. If the fire was extinguished with a large amount of water, mold, and fungus might soon form in the room, so the first thing fire and water restoration service Dover NJ does is get rid of traces of moisture as soon as possible.

Before starting to eliminate soot from the premises, specialists from fire and water restoration service Dover NJ prepare them for cleaning. First of all, the cleaners cover the floor in order not to stain it during the cleaning process after the fire. Secondly, fire and water restoration service Dover NJ takes care of the furniture and those elements of the rooms that have not been exposed to fire.

Thirdly, it’s time to clean walls from soot. Soot is a sticky mass that includes particles of incompletely burned materials. It can be oily or dry. It is almost impossible to wash it with conventional methods – only aggressive cleaning methods are suitable.

It’s no use applying detergents directly to the walls because due to exposure to high temperatures, soot penetrates deep into the wall. Therefore, professionals from fire and water restoration service Dover NJ think that it is better to remove a layer of decorative plaster from the wall than try to wash the soot off.

After extinguishing a fire with water, things can absorb not only the smell of smoke but also dampness. If for some reason, it is impossible to clean things in the affected room (fur coats, large carpets, etc.), then they can be dry-cleaned. It is advisable to take out the preserved property for fresh air for ventilation.

Another challenge is getting rid of odors after a fire. Removing the smell of smoke with aerosol air fresheners is not the best remedy because the air freshener will only mask odors without eliminating the cause of their occurrence. It’s necessary to use the special products which are designed for these purposes.

Performing the entire range of work on cleaning soot is a very laborious process that requires compliance with technology, professional actions, and equipment.

Seek the help of professionals like fire and water restoration service Dover NJ, if you want an immediate result.

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