How to clean and disinfect floors at home during the Covid 19 pandemic

Covid 19 is a viral respiratory infection dependent on our hygiene to help prevent spread and transmission. Therefore ensuring you stay in clean and sterilized environments at all times is essential. Cleaning our homes and floors regularly will help you mitigate the spread of the virus. In situations where you have an infected patient in your home, it is essential to ensure you disinfect the floors and surfaces regularly. In extreme cases, it is also necessary to involve professionals. Professionals will remove all the bacteria and disinfect the floors to avoid spreading. For some situations, for instance, biohazard cleanups, it is better to use a professional company

Here are some cleaning and disinfecting tips for floors

  1. Cleaning tips for hardwood floors

To clean hardwood floors, use a microfiber mop. Dust the floors using a soft-bristled floor brush and remove all the debris. Notably, it would be best to use wet mopping instead of dry mopping, depending on the kind of flooring in your home. Hardwood and laminate floors can be harmed by moisture, so use damp mopping instead. For vinyl floors, use cleaners from the stores, or you may use apple cider vinegar and a warm water solution.

How to disinfect hard flooring

Ensure you clean surfaces before disinfecting them. Before disinfecting, ensure you carefully read the instructions and understand how long the disinfectant should contact the surface to kill germs. Notably, there are disinfectants to kill bacteria, and once to kill viruses, ensure you choose the latter.

Disinfecting hard floors can be quite complex because, in these flooring, the goal is to ensure you keep water and moisture away from your floor. Therefore to disinfect hard flooring avoid using a vinegar solution; instead, the best solution is to disinfect hardwood floors using a moist mop and a cleaner designed for this purpose. Dry the area with a clean, soft, dry towel to eliminate any remaining moisture after damp mopping.

  1. Cleaning soft flooring

Vacuuming should be done every day or every week, depending on how much activity there is. Vacuum carefully to ensure you’re cleaning up all of the dust and debris—slow vacuum passes might take up more ground-in dirt than quick sweeps. Because a lot of dust and dirt collect beneath or behind furniture, move or elevate it to vacuum more completely. If you’re cleaning the entire room, vacuuming both before and after dusting is a good idea. Once before to pick up any existing dust and again after to pick up any that has found its way to the carpet as a result of your previous cleaning efforts.

How to disinfect soft flooring

Disinfecting your house doesn’t have to be done regularly unless there’s a sick person in the house. However, it can be quite challenging in instances where you disinfect soft flooring. However, CDC suggests using water and soap or cleansers for soft flooring. Gain, pay attention to those cleansers, and opt for those expressly designed to have disinfecting capabilities. If you have one, you may use a home carpet steam cleaner for a more thorough cleaning. In your steamer, you may use the white vinegar and hot water mixture but modify the ratio to equal parts of it.

In conclusion, cleaning floors is necessary to kill germs and prevent diseases.

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