Mark Roemer Oakland Assesses Different Types of Drywall Anchors


According to Mark Roemer Oakland, it is crucial to use drywall anchors if you want to hang something heavy on drywall. And it is crucial to select the appropriate drywall anchor type in order to avoid any accidents that can compromise the safety of your family. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to choose a drywall anchor since there are so many different options available, especially if you are a DIYer.

The Types

Here are the different types of drywall anchors:

  1. Self-drilling anchors – Self-drilling anchors look like small screws and contain threads on the anchor which make it easier to drill them into the wall with the screw. You don’t even need to drill a hole ahead of time since you can screw them into the wall first and then insert the screw. Thus, self-drilling anchors are one of the most convenient and popular to use.

Self-drilling anchors have a maximum load-bearing capacity of 50 pounds and are suitable for small decorative shelves or curtain rods.

  1. Plastic expansion anchors – Plastic expansion anchors are the most popular and affordable anchors options. These are ideal for loads of up to 15 pounds and suitable for hanging lightweight items such as picture frames. The packaging often includes the accompanying screw inside and these look like screw jackets with ribs.

You must predrill a smaller hole first and insert the plastic expansion anchor before inserting the screw to hang your items.

  1. Steel hollow-wall anchors -Steel hollow-wall anchors are also known as molly bolts and look like a pointy metal jacket that has a bolt wrapped inside of it. The metal casing expands when you drive it into the wall, and these are incredibly sturdy and secure.

Thus, steel hollow-wall anchors are suitable for hanging items such as coat hooks, towel bars, art pieces, and other items that weigh up to 100 pounds. However, you have to ensure that you tighten the screw using a traditional screwdriver or power drill as much as possible.

  1. Toggle bolt drywall anchors – Toggle bolt drywall anchors are made of metal and are the sturdiest options available on the market. At the very least, you can expect most heavy-duty toggle bolt anchors to have a load-bearing capacity of at least 100 pounds and you can purchase toggle bolt anchors on the market that can have a load-bearing capacity of as much as 300 pounds. Thus, toggle bolt anchors are suitable for hanging heavier items such as pantry shelving.

However, these feature a very different design type than any of the anchor types mentioned above, and thus, you need to pay proper attention to the installation instructions in order to ensure you have installed the anchors correctly.

You can also find a variation of such anchors known as strap toggle drywall anchors. These are also considered the strongest options but don’t require you to drill a hole as deep as their counterparts since they come with straps.


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests you do your research and select the most suitable drywall anchor type for your needs. Remember, plastic anchors are only suitable for light loads, and you must choose steel anchors if you want to hang heavier loads. Alternatively, you may choose zinc drywall anchors since they are also quite durable.

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