Persian Rug Cleaning Tips From The Rug Source Experts!

A lot of homeowners love the intricate designs and aesthetics associated with Persian rugs, but one thing that Persian rug owners need to keep in mind is that this rug style requires special types of upkeep and cleaning.

We’ve partnered up with the rug industry experts at Rug Source to help us create this list of recommendations oriented around Persian rug cleaning, so take it from the experienced pros in that the below information will help you more thoroughly take care of your prized floor décor possessions!

How Often Should Persian Rugs Be Cleaned?

Persian rugs should be professionally cleaned on a yearly basis, according to some of the top rug cleaning industry leaders. If you have pets or children, then you may need to clean your Persian rugs on a bi-yearly basis.

In between your professional cleans, you should carefully vacuum your Persian rugs on a weekly basis. It’s also important to use a beater brush for the backside of your area rug, so you can loosen up the fiber soils on a consistent basis.

Should Persian Rugs Be Dry Cleaned or Hand Cleaned?

Most rug industry specialists recommend that Persian rugs be dry cleaned, but you should remember to always thoroughly vacuum your rugs before sending them into your local dry cleaning business.

This is largely because Persian rugs will withhold a tremendous amount of dirt, which is why it’s sometimes hard to dry-clean them. This is why you’re always going to be better off sending your area rugs to professional rug cleaners that specialize in large area rugs, because they’ll have the experience to handle and thoroughly address your rug’s dirt.

Tips For Spot Cleaning Persian Rugs

If you experience a small spill on a Persian rug, then you’re likely going to need to do some spot cleaning right away. Spot cleaning may also be necessary when it comes to things like muddy paws and shoe prints, but spot cleaning undoubtedly needs to be done very carefully.

A lot of homeowners don’t realize how over-the-counter stain removals are actually very harmful for your rug’s integrity, which is why most rug cleaning specialists don’t recommend them.

Instead, you should simply place a towel on top of a stain and press firmly into the rug so it can soak up the mess as much as possible. You’ll then use a cleaning solution of warm water and dish soap that you’ll soak a towel in before blotting out the stain as much as you can.

There are many DIY rug cleaning tips that homeowners should keep in mind, including shaving cream, baking soda and so much more, but in the end you should know that professional cleaning is going to be your best option when DIY tricks can’t eliminate a pesky stain.

Contact The Rug Cleaning Experts at Rug Source To Learn More About Persian Rug Upkeep!

There’s a lot to love about Persian rugs, but Persian rug owners need to understand how much maintenance and overall care will be necessary to ensure the high-quality rug’s durability.

If you have any further questions about cleaning and maintaining Persian area rugs, reach out to the Rug Source specialists via the hyperlink to their website at the top of the blog to learn more!

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