Did you know that there is eco-friendly toilet paper? An eco-friendly toilet paper is manufactured from bamboo, a renewable natural resource, unlike the regular toilet paper manufactured from wood. As an eco-conscious person, one of the simple acts you can adopt to promote an eco-friendly lifestyle is switching to bamboo manufactured toilet paper.

Many trees are destroyed, and a lot of water is used to make the regular toilet rolls which are environmentally costly. As if that is not enough, during the manufacturing process, several chemicals are applied, and bleach is used to whiten the paper rolls, which is why they are not environmentally friendly. Here are the reasons to switch to the use of eco-toilet paper.

Save trees

Did you know that at least 17trees and 90,000liters of water are required to manufacture a tonne of the regular toilet rolls? The manufacture of regular toilet papers is slowly transforming our forests into bare lands, given that a tree takes around 20-100years to mature. On the other hand, bamboo is the fastest growing plant and takes only seven years to mature. That means bamboo manufactured toilet paper is a more sustainable option to save our trees.

Eco toilet paper uses less water.

The manufacturing process of eco-toilet paper is clean and straightforward and does not require much water like regular toilet rolls. According to research, the cleaning of virgin wood pulp for making toilet papers uses twice as much water as producing toilet paper from recycled materials and bamboo. For every recycled tonne of toilet paper, you save 7000gallons of water. With freshwater getting scarce every day, the simple practices to conserve water matter most.

Reduce the landfill volume

Switching to eco-toilet paper reduces the landfill volume, which poses more danger to our environment and future generations. According to a study, human beings consume 300million tonnes of paper per year, ending as landfills. In fact, paper contributes to 25% of landfill waste. Just as you can cut down on your plastic usage, you can also switch to using eco-friendly toilet paper, which is biodegradable; therefore, it does not end up as landfill waste.

Safer for your toilet

You might be wondering why you use a lot of water to flush your toilet paper down the drain. Well, you might be using the wrong toilet paper. A bamboo manufactured toilet paper is soft fibered making it easy to break down once it is in the toilet. That makes it easy to flush down without much water, and it is friendlier to your toilet.

Eco toilet paper is also soft.

Bamboo manufactured toilet paper is also soft because bamboo produces soft fibers. All you ought to do is find the right brand of sustainable toilet paper. Remember that the softness of the tissue paper is directly related to its quality. Go for the best quality eco-toilet paper in the market.

Contribute to a good cause

Using eco-toilet paper is one way of contributing to a good cause: saving our environment for a better planet. Everyone must do everything possible to protect the environment and promote a greener future.

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